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Professional Video Game Translation Services

With a worldwide turnover of $154.6 billion predicted in 2021, video gaming is a hugely profitable and popular industry all over the world. The benefits of translating your video game are:

  • Increase in sales
  • Staying competitive in a tough market
  • Increase in downloads
  • Your gamers will empathize and immerse themselves in the story
  • You will avoid “other” translations/ROM-hacking

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Benefits of Translating Your Mobile Game

Mobile games account for over 70% of all video game revenue worldwide.

Get higher ranking in App Store by translating your app. According to studies, people will be more likely to pay to download an app if it is translated into their native language.

If your app obtains positive feedback from a variety of countries, it will be more likely to appear in App Store searches. On the other hand, if it is not translated, it may result in negative reviews that express dissatisfaction. It takes time and effort to recover from negative feedback.

Professional Video Game Translation Services

Reach the Biggest Markets Worldwide by Translating Your Video Game

With a revenue of 40.85 billion US dollars, China is the largest gaming market in the world. The video gaming market in the United States came in second, with yearly revenues of around 36.92 billion dollars.

Is it worthwhile to translate your video game? Yes. The rate of return on investment (ROI) is quite significant. For example, almost all of the top 100 downloads in the Chinese App Store are in Chinese. Gamers will most likely not download an app unless it is available in their native language.

Professional Video Game Translation Services

Localization Is Crucial Since It Prevents Plot Misunderstanding

A carefully designed localization immerses gamers and allows them to play their own storyline, all while keeping the user experience in mind. Games are cultural constructs and as such there will be references and other changes that need to be made when translating them. The more languages you support, the happier your players will be when they can play your game in their own cultural and linguistic environment.

Play in Your Own Language

Sure, you may have a basic knowledge of English, Korean, Japanese or Chinese, but the advantages of playing in your own language are elementary. Are you a programmer? Have you just invented the game of the century? A basic expansion step is to translate your game and have your players communicate on social networks, creating a perfect word of mouth and free digital marketing. An explosive combination! Imagine your potential customers talking to each other in their own language about tricks to achieve the next level of your game. Exponential growth of downloads and popularization of the game, all in one!

Gain Good Reviews of Your Videogame by Translating It

A vital element for the growth of your application or videogame is user reviews, this has become the best weapon to increase the number of downloads. And obviously the quality of the translation is one of your best allies. The reasons for a bad translation are not always due to the translator’s experience. In many cases it has to do with the space reserved for the word, sometimes you have to abbreviate and what is left does not make sense. You are asked to translate words without context and thanks to “false friends” we can make blunders. For an example, click here.

Favorite Videogames of the World

If you want to get an idea of what is attracting gamers today, here is the list of the most downloaded gaming apps of recent times.

  1. PUBG. More than 100 million. It is the free mobile version of the battle royale game where competitors parachute onto a remote island to fight until only one player or a team of four is left, depending on the mode chosen. Each game lasts about half an hour.
  2. Minecraft. More than 95 million. This is a game to build everything imaginable by the means of blocks. At the beginning, you build defense structures to protect yourself from monsters, and then you can create real fortresses.
  3. Apex Legends. 50 million. It is an epic free game of heroes fighting for glory, fame and fortune.
  4. Fortnite Battle Royale. 45 million. It is a free multi-platform game with many modes for all types of players. You can attend a concert, build an island, or be part of a battle.

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