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Professional Tourism Translation Services

More than 80% of customers would rather read tour, hotel, and travel destination information in their native language. That alone is motivation enough for hotel and tour websites to translate their content. Not only will this increase client satisfaction, but it will also allow you to attract consumers who would otherwise avoid your business due to language barriers. By translating your tourism information, you will gain:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher global visibility
  • Brand recognition and trust

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In the Tourism Industry, Language Solutions Are Always in Demand

Tourists can easily get around a place where no one understands them if they have a guide, a map, or a travel brochure written in their native language. Similarly, if you manage a restaurant or a hotel in an area with a large number of visitors, expats, or foreigners, having all of your documents translated into the major languages is essential. It’s a small investment for a huge increase in customer satisfaction, which leads to more earnings and a better reputation.
Professional Tourism Translation Services

Rely on Professional Native Translators for Your Tourism Content

Tourism content with translation mistakes causes the potential costumer to lose trust and decide to visit another website that provides information in their native language, resulting in the sale being lost.

If you want to continue to attract clients, you should make it easier for them to make decisions by providing good translations on all of the services available. As a result, professional translation of tourist services into the client’s language is required. This includes marketing content, FAQs, areas of interest, reservation information, etc.

Professional Tourism Translation Services

5 Airlines That Present Their Tourism Content in Several Languages:

  1. American Airlines (at least 5 languages)
  2. Singapore Airlines (at least 15 languages)
  3. Japan Airlines (2 languages)
  4. China Airlines (at least 9 languages)
  5. Avianca (2 languages)

This is a small sample of a few airlines that are reaching a growing audience by providing the ability to purchase airline tickets in your own language. Flight search engines such as Expedia, Momondo, SkyScanner, Kayak and CheapOair translate their websites into at least two languages.

The world at a glance…

If you want to travel the world and you only speak your own language, you can use apps to find what you are looking for. However, you should know that nothing will replace professional translation and that you risk being sent to the bank instead of the bathroom or that you may be more lost than Lindbergh’s son trying to get to your hotel. Anyway, here is a list of the most common applications:

  1. Google Translate
  2. Microsoft Translator
  3. TripLingo
  4. Way Go
  5. Stepes

Each of them has different peculiarities such as voice detecting AI, translation, or reading screenshots directly from your cell phone. If you have no other choice, you will be a daring traveler and will surely have many unexpected adventures using these apps.

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