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Qualified Science and Medicine Translations

There are no chances to be taken when it comes to medical or science translations. Medical science translations are among the most sensitive and complex, and they should be given to a reliable translator with the necessary degree of experience and knowledge.

Our highly qualified team of translators with scientific and medical backgrounds guarantee that the translations meet all regulatory requirements. Furthermore, our in-house technology maintains data security while ensuring that all terminologies are precise and that the material is tailored to the target audience.

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Life Sciences Is One of the Most Regulated Industries in the World

If the regulatory authority requires it, medical documentations may need to be updated many times a year.

Life sciences translators need a broad range of technical and terminological expertise. If the readers are medical specialists in the scientific community, the writing style must be highly specialized. If the texts are intended for the general public, then the writing style should be more illustrative.

Qualified Science and Medicine Translations

We Cover Every Aspect of the Vast Field of Life Sciences…

  • Clinical trials and research protocols
  • Technical manuals, IFUs, and software for medical devices
  • Operating guides
  • SmPCs
  • Labels and package inserts
  • Website content
  • Leaflets with patient Information
  • Articles in Science as well as contributions for clinical publications and medical journals
  • Drug registration, legislation, and standard operating procedures
Qualified Science and Medicine Translations

Translations in Medicine

Health is not to be trifled with. You can make a mistake in the translation of a video game with no repercussions. But mistranslating a medical dosage can cost a patient his or her life. The third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical errors. With that in mind, in the case of medicine, it is fully justified to seek out the most qualified translators in the industry.

Scientific Articles and Fake News

Since the pandemic began, all records for medical searches on the Internet have been broken. In this polarization of pro- and anti-vaccine articles, finding the most reliable sources has become a real challenge. We can find such a variety of opinions that discerning the truth becomes a challenge. And if we add the complication of an article that is in a foreign language or has been poorly translated, the result is obvious: Increased radicalization and extreme movements of violence. It is our duty to inform ourselves well and consult several sources to corroborate data before communicating our own ideas. A good translation from a reliable source of scientific news contributes to the progress of humanity.

Reliable Scientific Sources

If you have ever wondered who to trust when consulting medical or scientific matters, here are the most requested sources in English on the Internet:

  • Medline Plus
  • PubMed Central
  • Center for Disease Control
  • Mayo Clinic Health Information
  • CAPHIS: Consumer & Patient Health Information Section

Keep in mind that these sources come from governmental and official bodies. Your judgment and your own research are sometimes necessary to find a source that you consider valuable and accurate.

Translations of scientific and medical books should be done by people with extensive experience and knowledge in those topics and should be reviewed by a another translator who is an expert in the subject. This is a crucial step to reach your target market with the certainty that the text they are reading corresponds to the original message you wanted to communicate.

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