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Professional Korean Translation Services

Korean is the official language in South Korea and in North Korea, and it is the native language of some inhabitants of four other countries (United States, Japan, Guam, and the Mariana Islands). In fact, more than 78.7 million people worldwide consider it their mother tongue.

The importance of this language today is such that professional translations are increasingly in demand for different areas and services.

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Korean as a Gateway to the E-Commerce Inudstry

Did you know that South Korea is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world? This is mainly due to the use of technology and mobile phones. 90% of its population use the internet on a daily basis, thus maintaining one of the highest levels of technology in the entire Asia Pacific region.
Professional Korean Translation Services

Korean Localization

Paladria’s professional translators perform a quality service by taking into account the localization of the language. This is because there are some regional language differences between North and South Korea: pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical rules.

These differences must be considered at the time of translation in order for it to be successful in the market where will be offered.

Professional Korean Translation Services

Why Hire Professional Korean Translation Services?

Korean is a language that presents many challenges, and the professional translators at Paladria are able to surpass them. It is a language isolate, meaning that it is not related to any other living language.

The most important reason to hire professional Korean translation services is that it provides accurate and quality translation work without any flaws. This undoubtedly contributes to the user’s accurate understanding of the purpose of the message.

When this happens, the percentage of new users, sales of products, and services increases significantly. In addition, translations of personal documents to be presented to an institution or for work purposes, etc. are also carried out.

Benefits of Contracting Professional Korean Translation Services

Today, companies and e-commerce websites from all over the world can grow and expand their sales thanks to professional Korean translations.

  • Quality translations: When translating into Korean, accuracy and consistency are extremely important for success.

  • Fast delivery: Are you looking for fast Korean translations of instruction manuals, book quotations, letters, recipes, and other documents? Paladria has the right professionals for the task.

    Each translation is delivered in record time, without errors, and your new target audience will understand the message flawlessly.

  • Increased credibility and trust: Regardless of what you want translated, with professional Korean translations, it is feasible to increase the credibility of your business. Thanks to the quality of the translation, it is guaranteed that the message that reaches the future client is legible, and this generates trust.

    Undoubtedly, entering the global market with Korean translations will be give you a great advantage over your competitors. In addition to the translations, we recommend that communication with the new users is also in Korean.

  • Optimization of the company’s communication: As we all know, language barriers exist, but nowadays through translation, it is possible to break it down. If this work is not done in the right way, it causes big problems: lack of communication between the company and employees or with business partners. This situation generates economic losses that no one wants to endure.

    For all these reasons, it is recommended to hire professional Korean translation services. The investment is worth it. In addition to achieving a fluent communication, there is a positive impact on purchases, new agreements, and clients.

What Kind of Texts Can Be Translated Into Korean?

Paladria provides translations of all kinds, and all of them are done with great precision. Since the appropriate terminology is used for each subject, it allows the reader to interpret each word correctly. In addition, this makes it easier to finalize new contracts and sales.

It is worth mentioning that our translation agency Paladria translates into Korean from any language, therefore our clients are native speakers from different parts of the world.

What types of documents can be translated into Korean? The answer is whatever the client needs. Some examples: web pages, academic texts, books, application content, brochures, digital advertising and much more.

The following are the most common industries that are translated into Korean:

  • Fashion: South Korea is a country in which fashion is among the most searched keywords and this is because they value it highly. Therefore, the websites in this niche are very successful.
  • Technology: South Korea is one of the best countries to enter this market, since 90% of its inhabitants use the Internet daily.
  • Websites and apps: linked to the previous point, translating the e-commerce websites facilitates the company’s positioning.

At Paladria, with our Korean translations, we help your company to have a global reach. Each of our translations is tailored to the client’s needs, always meeting their expectations.

All of our translation professionals are highly trained and will be assigned according to the sector of your business. Paladria offers different services, according to the needs of each client:

  • Standard translations
  • Fast translations
  • Proofreading
  • Voiceover and audio dubbing

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