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Professional Hindi Translation Services

Hindi is an Indo-European language derived from Sanskrit and is spoken in northern and central India, which means that it is the mother tongue of one third of the total population, around 500 million people. In fact, Hindi has more speakers than the Spanish language.

This language is spoken in: Chhattisgarh, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar. Hindi is also spoken in some parts of Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Fiji Islands.

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About the Hindi Language

Hindi has the particularity that it uses a Sanskrit alphabet. It is also known as devanagari, which means the city of the gods. In this city the Hindu sacred texts were written in Hindi.

A relevant aspect of this language is that its writing is syllabic, meaning that each sign represents a syllable. Like other Western languages, it is written from left to right and from top to bottom. In addition, each of the written words contains a line through. Example: “The earth is round” is written in Hindi as so: पृथ्वी गोल है गोल है

Professional Hindi Translation Services

Why Translate Into Hindi?

As we mentioned before, Hindi is one of the official languages of India, in fact, one of the most important ones due to the number of speakers it has. That is why every year more and more content is translated into this language, more than you can imagine.

Hindi translation has many benefits and can be of great importance in many situations. For example, India is a country where the film industry is a mainstay of the economy, in which the Hindi language is spoken.

Professional Hindi Translation Services

Therefore, one of the most requested language translations are dubbings and scripts, and for these to be perfect and understandable by the target audience they must be translated by a professional translator such as Paladria.

Of course, there are other areas for which it is possible to translate into Hindi, such as audiovisual projects, journalistic reports, documentaries, among others. For these cases it is necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the vocabulary, in case they do not speak English at all.

On the other hand, there are many companies that wish to access the Indian market and the first step to achieve this is to hire a professional translator. In addition, everything that has to do with spiritual matters is very important for the country, which is why translations of religious or literary texts are also carried out.

Other types of texts that can be translated into Hindi are academic, advertising and hotel texts. As you may know, the country has many places that are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Hindi Translations

Hindi is only one of the Indian languages, as there are 25 official languages in the country. As you can see, it is an important language due to the number of speakers it has, so it is essential that when it comes to translating into this language, it is done by qualified professionals to ensure that the target audience understands the message of the text flawlessly. At Paladria, we take care of providing quality, error-free and fast translations.

When translating from any language into Hindi, it is essential to take all these aspects into account, otherwise the speakers would not be able to understand what the text is about.

When translating into Hindi, Paladria’s professional translators take into account several characteristic aspects of this language in order to achieve a high-quality result.

Hindi Website Translations

Hindi website translations deserve to be set apart from the rest because they are among the most common languages to translate. This is because most people in India understand English but do not use it in any aspect of their lives, they are faithful to their mother tongue.

Therefore, if you want to generate trust in your target audience, increase SEO and make sales, your page must be translated into Hindi. This way, Google will suggest your website in the country in question.

Remember that the percentage of sales increases significantly when a website is translated into the language of your target audience. It is the right way for the user to create a relationship with the brand. In addition, and an important fact, is that most of the international companies operating in India are only translated into English, so translating into Hindi will be a great advantage.

Why Hire a Professional Hindi Translator?

Paladria’s professional translators translate Hindi from any language, such as Spanish to Hindi or English to Hindi and vice versa.

All of them are qualified to deal with any type of translation, in any subject and in any field. Therefore, if you need Hindi translations or any other language, at Paladria you will find the best translators.

We make sure that each translation is accurate in terms of terminology, and we perform quality controls before delivering it to the client, as well as any necessary corrections. Due to our experience in translation services, we deliver an effective work for your company to be part of the Indian market.

Paladria offers translators specialized in the lexicon of the Hindi mother tongue, since they know the expressions specific to each region and the meaning of each word. Therefore, the original meaning of the message to be conveyed is not lost.

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