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Professional English Translation Services

English is a global language. There are 1.35 billion people who speak English, 360 million of them being native English speakers.

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English Is the Language of the Media Industry and the Internet

Since there are more English speakers online than any other language, the majority of websites and social media platforms are in English. Your website could be open to a wide number of users if it is written in good English.
Professional English Translation Services

English Localization

Different forms of English have very different spelling, grammar, measurements, and vocabulary.

Therefore, it is important to apply the right rules to the right audience to make your business appear professional. Our native English translators know their market and know where culture and language meet.

Professional English Translation Services

Why Hire Professional English Translation Services?

When translating a text or document in English, we often believe that using AI will be effective enough and it is not true. The professionals who carry out the translations take into account many aspects that can only be achieved by knowing exactly what they are doing:

  • Expressions
  • Technical and country-specific terminologies
  • Objectives of the original text
  • Layout

The idea is that the texts or documents that are translated by professionals achieve the same goals for which it was created. In addition to the points mentioned above, quality translations are achieved without syntactic and punctuation mistakes. This allows the text to be understood and understood by any native English speaker.

Another aspect that Paladria’s professional translators respect is the format of the text, such as images, graphics, and diagrams. All this helps to achieve a fluid and close relationship with the future client.

Let’s remember that a clear, quality text, easy to read, and laid out in the right way has a good chance of success.

The Importance of Quality in the Translation of English Texts by Professionals

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, in fact, it is known as the “universal language”. Of course, this does not mean that all people speak it, so in some cases, it is necessary that professionals are in charge of translating the texts and documents.

It is extremely important that translations are of high quality, and we will show you why. First of all, translated texts have a purpose (professional, personal, or economic), so they influence in a positive or negative way according to how the work is done.

In some cases, English translations are requested for the purpose of introducing a company in a certain country in order to sell a product or service, and in other cases for personal purposes. Whatever the reason, when hiring the service of professional English translations, special care is taken to ensure that the quality of the translation is excellent, so that the reader can easily understand the text.

Professional English Translations: The Differences Between American and British English

Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it is not the same everywhere. This means that depending on the area there are some differences in pronunciation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

There are two types of English translations, American and British, and our professional English translators at Paladria know each of the differences in order to provide an efficient service.

The first thing to consider when translating a document into English, is to consider whether it should be American or British. This is necessary because this is how good results are obtained.

The main differences between American and British English are:

  • Grammatical and spelling differences
  • Differences in pronunciation
  • Lexical differences
  • Differences in vocabulary

The mastery of each expression increases the ability of the translated text to reach more people and achieve the expected success. Therefore, once again we emphasize the importance of hiring a professional English translation service.

Benefits of Translating Texts and Documents Into English

Nowadays most companies and organizations wish to expand worldwide and strengthen their international communications and one of the best alternatives to do so is to translate the website, texts, and documents into English, which is the most widely used language in the world.

Here are the benefits of hiring Paladria’s professional English translation services:

  1. Communication: There is no doubt and it is not surprising to anyone that websites that are translated into English improve communication and this is due to the fact that, as we have mentioned, it is one of the most widely used languages throughout all countries. However, it is extremely important that the translations are of high quality, as well as respecting the dialect of each region.

  2. Increase in public: Although each country has its own customs and tastes, there are many similarities that end up merging, so it is important that your texts and websites are in English. This allows you to access a much wider audience that may be interested in the service or product you want to sell.

  3. Customer satisfaction: When a company is looking for professional English translators, it is because they want to get potential customers . When they realize that you are trying to reach them and the translation is adapted to their localization, it almost immediately generates greater satisfaction, and this is reflected when gaining new users and making more sales.

  4. Search engines: There is a lot of talk these days about SEO, but did you know that localized translation of a website improves search engine rankings? This is because it meets the needs of customers in different English-speaking regions.

    In addition, appearing in search engines significantly increases the flow of traffic and the possibility of acquiring new customers.

  5. Improves brand image: When a customer notices that the website he is accessing is translated into other languages, in this case English, he realizes that the company is international and that generates confidence in the products and services you want to sell/offer.

As you can see, the benefits of translating texts/documents into English are important for a company that wants to expand, but it is also important for someone who needs it for personal purposes.

Many times it is necessary to present documentation to institutions/agencies and there is nothing more valuable than for the reader of the text to be able to read it naturally and this is possible with Paladria’s professional translations.

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