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Qualified Engineering Translation Services

Quality and accuracy in writing are non-negotiable, regardless of where your team is based. Engineering is a competitive field with little space for mistake. Any errors in your technical documentation might result in additional costs, dangerous working conditions, legal liability, or project cancellation. Furthermore, it may harm your company’s reputation, and you risk misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

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Advantages of Translating Engineering Documents

The growth of the world’s population is increasing, and this is an empirical fact. Nowadays, the communication between businessespeople and customers connects more and more different regions of the world, and the goal of technical translation is to facilitate the complex industrial world we live in. By translating data and documents into different languages, companies can access diverse markets. In addition, consumers prefer to read in their native languages versus foreign languages.
Qualified Engineering Translation Services

Why You Should Translate Your Technical Manuals

It is not only a matter of translating, but precisely in the field of engineering, characteristics such as: cultural peculiarities, adaptation to the variants of the language (Spanish spoken in Spain is not the same as Spanish spoken in Panama or French spoken in France as in Canada) must be considered. Without losing sight of the message that needs to be transmitted."
Qualified Engineering Translation Services

Translation in engineering specifically refers to documents and the content of materials pertaining to scientific and technical matters. A sloppy translation greatly affects the image with which a company enters the markets it wants to access. Professional translation makes it easier for your content to reach international countries, cultures, and markets. A good translation depends, to a large extent, on a good reception by the target audience.

The main objective of translation is to convey messages from one language to another with accuracy, quality, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Translators understand the original language with all its nuances and translate them into the target language.

The Benefits of Translation in Engineering Are Innumerable

  1. Brand care. Your company’s brand must be properly conveyed to different markets. A poor translation conveys the image of a deficient company, with a lack of care for its products or services. This is not how you want to enter international markets.
  2. Beyond borders. Translating the document into several languages of different countries broadens your own potential customer base.
  3. Eliminate cultural barriers. Pay close attention to the differences that may exist between the source and the target cultures. Aim to soften or eliminate cultural barriers that could affect the correct transmission of the message.
  4. Local customs and usages. Translation is not just a matter of transferring a given text from one language to another. It is necessary to precisely know the local customs and usages of each country, so that the colloquialisms and other forms of expression that only native speakers know can be understood.

8 Key Features of a Professional Translation of Engineering Texts

  1. Fidelity to the original text. Not only taking care of the accuracy with which the message is conveyed, but also maintaining the intention with which it was originally written. The desired tone and style are also taken care of so that the original text reaches its recipients in the same way as it was originally intended.
  2. The quality of the document. The main advantage of a technical translator in a translation service is the guarantee of quality work in the delivery of the documents. They make sure that each word is appropriate and that the tone of the document is not altered.
  3. Accuracy in the work. Professional technical translation companies guarantee that all work performed will be highly accurate.
  4. Use of the right tools. The correct distribution of documents such as design requirements, health and safety manuals, for example, should be in a language that all parties can easily understand and follow.
  5. Essence of the text. Machine translations are not entirely accurate and sometimes make mistakes, so it is necessary to hire a professional translation agency that knows how to recognize the essence of the text it is translating, give it coherence, and put itself in the engineer’s shoes.
  6. Speed, fluency, and quality. Keep in mind that having professionals with experience in translation makes the process much faster, more agile, and of higher quality, which means greater security for the client.
  7. Good communication. In any job, communication is essential. Being able to communicate with the agency and the translator during the development of the work is one of the main factors in achieving the final objective.

A professional translation has strict quality controls and is at the service of the client to ensure the satisfaction of their linguistic needs. In professional translation, the field in which we are working is of great importance: medicine, engineering, IT, health sciences, etc. Experts in the field are called in and the most appropriate documentation and research processes for the subject matter are put in place.

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