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Professional E-commerce Translation Services

To increase the size of your present consumer base, translating your e-commerce website should be your first priority. More users will be able to visit your website in their native tongue, which will increase the number of potential clients you have. You will also gain:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Brand recognition and trust

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Build Brand Recognition and Trust for Your E-Commerce Website

Since a person’s identity is connected to the language they use, translating e-commerce websites into their native languages increases your chances of persuading them to purchase your products or services.

You must go above and beyond to wow your consumers if you want to stand out. A multilingual website demonstrates that you are operating a worldwide company that values its clients. It conveys the message that your business is empathetic and has a global perspective.

Professional E-commerce Translation Services

Increase the Competitive Advantage of Your E-Commerce Website

In order to get a competitive advantage, you must translate your e-commerce before your competitor does. As a result, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors in terms of audience reach.

This means that language barriers will no longer prevent you from conducting business, and you may become the preferred brand for clients all over the world.

Professional E-commerce Translation Services

Boost Conversion Rates and Decrease Bounce Rates for Your E-Commerce Website

Foreign users who visit your website are less likely to abandon the page quickly if you invest in translations. They will be able to read the content on your website and understand it fully. Knowing that they can comprehend each stage of the purchase process will give them confidence.

You will likely reduce the bounce rate of your website as a consequence. Your conversion rates will increase as well.

What Should Be Translated on Your E-Commerce Website?

  • Corporate pages, such as the home page, about us, and reviews.
  • Menu items and information pertaining to the purchasing or contracting of services.
  • Catalogs of goods or services should include the name of the item or service and a brief description.
  • Multimedia content such as pictures and videos.
  • Legal content

The Emergence of E-Commerce

One of the most important problems of recent times has been the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic due to COVID-19. This virus has demonstrated the fragility of people’s social lives as well as the global economy. However, E-Commerce has presented itself as viable and profitable business alternative as a way out of the logjam suffered in the previous years.

Out of fear, ease, and even convenience, many people have discovered a range of possibilities in online shopping and existing virtual stores, and the world masse has taken to shopping via the Internet. Companies have had to develop and evolve quickly into a business model that was previously not so fluid.

Globalization and E-Commerce

For years, the phenomenon of globalization has flooded the planet in a process of rapprochement and connection of markets, countries, cultures, races, and companies…

Globalization generates a continuous improvement in the growth process of world economies, allowing the sale of products and services from one side of the planet to the other, without even having to establish a company at the destination.

E-Commerce Diversity

The diversity allowed by globalization and the pooling of products and services in different countries, makes translation in business a key and fundamental piece, as well as necessary for a prosperous business of worldwide expansion.

Countries are becoming increasingly interconnected and dependent on each other, so there is no denying the need for solid and fluid communication.

It is important in a business that both parties involved in the trade understand each other in a clear and concise way, in order to seek the common good, avoid problems after the exchange, and gain customer satisfaction at all times.

Translation is Vital in E-Commerce

The importance of translation in business lies in the form of understanding between the company that offers a product and the end customer who accepts the conditions, if there is no reliable and standardized translation, globalization could not exist at its best.

11 great benefits of translation in business are:

  • Internationalization: Although it is more than obvious, the internationalization of our business is the most important existing benefit that has the purpose of translation in business. More and more companies, large, medium, and small, are dedicated to internationalizing their business, giving it visibility on the internet and even transporting your service or product thousands and thousands of kilometers away from its city of origin. Without mutual understanding between those responsible for this trade and without translation between languages, this exchange of products and services would not be possible.
  • Improved communication: We know the importance of good communication in business, dealing with delicate points that must be agreed upon and reflected in writing in order to close deals properly. Communication between people is sometimes difficult due to the different way of thinking, expressing oneself or the vocabulary used… hence the need for a good translation in business as a way to solve problems that may arise.
  • Marketing: Not less important, a good translation and a good team of translators can help you to make the marketing campaign of your E-Commerce business adapt to the needs of different countries or languages. While a simple automatic translation will never give you the quality it needs. Even the sense of humor can affect a good translation.
  • Reliability: You have to take into account the digital era and the speed with which technologies advance, to realize that once you enter a website, there is an automatic auto-translator that could mean an unreliable translation with what is being offered in your E-Commerce business. Causes beyond your control, could damage your business and give a bad reliability for the company. With an accurate translation of your products or services, you will achieve a high degree of reliability in achieving the objective.
  • Connection: Translation enables the connection between participants in the business because, thanks to it, a thread of communication and connection can be established to gain the necessary interprofessional relationships. After all, a business is an economic activity that seeks to obtain profits mainly through the sale or exchange of products or services that meet the needs of customers, i.e., a relationship between people seeking an exchange. This exchange would not be possible without a good translation, since there would be no fluid communication.
  • Reputation: A good translation in different languages is important for our E-Commerce business. The cultural differences and linguistic terminology of other countries make this fact a relevant importance. The website, when translated, can also be adapted to the new demands or customs of different customers in order to ensure that each and every customer sees a good online store on your website.
  • Credibility: Often the credibility of a company is assessed by the services it can offer, how it can offer them, and how positive they are.
  • Image/brand: To make your company reach as far as possible due to globalization, taking advantage of the global moment, and translation as a way of expansion. As well as reputation, clients pay close attention to the form and presentation of websites, as well as the expressions and words used. Not being in line with the culture or country to which the business is directed to can mean a considerable decrease in the sales of the service or product.
  • Trust: Using the right words, with their perfect forms, makes communication a simple but powerful tool to create the necessary trust with your customers.
  • Quality: One of the greatest benefits of translation is undoubtedly the leap in quality that it provides when dealing with people from different backgrounds, without having communication problems. Quality is associated with the image that a company can give.
  • Warranty: With a good translation you get a guarantee, by ensuring without intermediaries that the inter speakers of the business have the same goals and a good collaboration between them by using coherent communication.

Therefore, there is a need for good translations in business as a way of growth and expansion of your company. By taking advantage of the current situation and the internationalization of businesses with a good translation, we will make it possible for any objective to be achieved.

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